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Action / Adventure

Yeti Sports 2 Yeti Sports 2
Hit the penguin onto the dart board
Cat'o'Mania Cat'o'Mania
Try and figure out the sequence to killing the cat
Road Rage Road Rage
Squash as many people/vehicles/animals as you can
Chasm Chasm
I'm not really sure what this game is. But play about with this little guy and see what happens. :)

· Digi Ninja
· Ghost Wrath


Ski Jump 2001 Ski Jump 2001
See how far you can jump in the ski jump 'em up.
Tennis Ace Tennis Ace
Like tennis?? You will love this game!
Shockpool Shockpool
Cool single/multiplayer pool game!
Monkey Keepy Ups Monkey Keepy Ups
Keep the monkey in the air, try to beat your old high scores!

· Yeti Sports 3
· Yeti Hammer Throw


Sudoku Original Sudoku Original
With puzzles ranging from easy to very hard.
Tetrollapse Tetrollapse
The oldie Tetris game, space bar is to change shape of the block
Purple Pit Purple Pit
A real hard brain boggler
12 Swap 12 Swap
Move 1 at a time, and match 3 together

· How to Communicate with the Opposite Sex
· Bad Apple

Shoot 'em up

Xxiao 04 Xxiao 04
This is an awesome stickman shoot 'em up. Really cool!
Pearl Harbor Pearl Harbor
Blow up as many ships as you can. Its like you were really there!
Shoot Rat! Shoot Rat!
Use you're revolver and shoot as many rats as possible
Escape Caper Escape Caper
Shoot the Terrrorist before the finish line

· Sheep Invaders
· The SkullKid

Defend Games

Missle Defender Missle Defender
Shoot the missles without blowing up the city
Clash`N Slash Clash`N Slash
Defend your planet from pesky alien invaders that arrive from all around the galaxy.
Storm the House 2 Storm the House 2
Protect and save your house from attacking hordes of enemy soldiers, armored cars, tanks etc.
Castle Defender Castle Defender
Its like defend the castle, but no upgrades

· Defender Of The Earth
· Defend Your Computer


Dirt Bike Dirt Bike
Ride your dirt bike on unusually challenging obstacle courses and try to complete all the levels, in this adrenaline pumping action game.
Stay The Distance Stay The Distance
Great horse racing game. Easy but a bit harsh.
Gr8 Racing Gr8 Racing
This is a really cool rally game, Post your best laptimes in the forum!
Taxi Driver Instructor Taxi Driver Instructor
Help abu pass his exam! You will be given obsticales to drive on.

· Ice Racer
· Monster Truck


Pacman Pacman
As you know it, Pacman!
Doom Doom
A classic game of Doom. Lite.
Thunder Plunder Thunder Plunder
Borg has a viking liking for plundering. Help him on his mission to collect treasure and keys to access the next level.
Ball Dodge Ball Dodge
Yeah, just erm... dodge the balls. Hmph.

· Tetris
· Space Invaders


Ace Blackjack Ace Blackjack
A game for all you betters out there. Very addictive.
Super Mario World Slots Super Mario World Slots
Five-reel, nine-line video slots, with bonus game.
BlackJack BlackJack
A nice, classic game of blackjack. Need I say more?
Flash Poker Flash Poker
This is a really cool flash poker game. Place your bets now!!

· The Urinal Game
· Deal or No Deal


Bulls Eye Bulls Eye
A really cool online darts game. Not easy though.
Xxiao 08 Xxiao 08
The carry on from movie 07.. another awesome movie!
Xxiao 05 Xxiao 05
Another awesome flash movie, you will love this.
Jurrasic Pinball Jurrasic Pinball
Jurassic Pinball is here, plunge the ball and away you go

· Soap Bubble
· Samurai Warrior

Adult (18+)

Have sex with cute girl Have sex with cute girl
The aim of this nice porn game is to click that green "click" button and watch sexy babe with glasses sucking on your cock, giving you a boobjob or fucking with you.
Take her Clothes off Take her Clothes off
Rotate the pointer to take of the sexy girl`s clothes before school starts.
Sexy Dress Up Sexy Dress Up
Dress and un-dress a sexy lady! Over 18s only please....
Speed Master Speed Master
Pick a girl, fly through the level and shoot down more enemies to reveal more of the picture.

· Girl on Girl Kama Sutra
· Sexy Babe Puzzle

Today's Most Popular

Who Stole My Medicine Who Stole My Medicine (4 today)
Some evil orcs, dwarves and wizards have stolen your medicine. Identify the thief before it's too late!
Pikachu Balls Pikachu Balls (3 today)
Yes, another Pikachu game. *sigh*. We love him really.
Stuck Inside Stuck Inside (2 today)
You are stuck inside a room. Find the key to get out.
Yeti Sports 7 Yeti Sports 7 (2 today)
Snowboarding. The Yeti is in the snow again. Race down the hill and land tricks.
Curveball Curveball (2 today)
An awesome game which is easy to play but hard to master. Basically 3D pong.
Copter Copter (2 today)
Drive the copter for as long as you can without crashing
Jellyfish Shuffleboard Jellyfish Shuffleboard (1 today)
Help SpongeBob beat Sandy at a game of Jellyfish shuffleboard.
Hacker 3 Hacker 3 (1 today)
Try hacking into this system. The third instalment in the Hacker series. Related games: Hacker 1 and Hacker 2.
Crash Test Dummy Crash Test Dummy (1 today)
Hurl your crash dummy as far as you can. Because curling is just too dangerous for humans!!!

Most Popular

Jellyfish Shuffleboard Jellyfish Shuffleboard (16,394 plays)
Help SpongeBob beat Sandy at a game of Jellyfish shuffleboard.
Shockpool Shockpool (11,262 plays)
Cool single/multiplayer pool game!
Copter Copter (8,894 plays)
Drive the copter for as long as you can without crashing
Playing With Fire 2 Playing With Fire 2 (8,398 plays)
If you ever played version 1 this one is even better! Enjoy
Dirt Bike Dirt Bike (8,083 plays)
Ride your dirt bike on unusually challenging obstacle courses and try to complete all the levels, in this adrenaline pumping action game.
Bullet Time Bullet Time (7,675 plays)
Test your reactions when up against a speeding bullet!
Security Security (6,094 plays)
Awesome online sneaking game. Try and sneak past the security and infiltrate the base! You will come up against guards, security cameras, trap doors, lasers and a whole lot more! See how far you can get.
Sonic Sonic (5,960 plays)
Yes!! its a half decent sonic game that you can play online!
Shoplifter Shoplifter (5,509 plays)
Dodge the cameras to successfully shoplift the store!

Today's Most Unpopular

3 Foot Ninja 3 Foot Ninja (0 today)
Cool online fighting game, great fun is to be had by all
Alien Alien (0 today)
"DEFEND THE BASE" from evil aliens!
Baseball Baseball (0 today)
Have a nice relaxing game of baseball online!
Battleships Battleships (0 today)
Come and play the classic game of battleships
Beach Tennis Beach Tennis (0 today)
Lovely ladies playing tennis down the beach.
Boom Boom Boom Boom (0 today)
Play Beach vollyball with half naked ladies, woo!
Bug on a wire Bug on a wire (0 today)
Run along the wire for as long as you can
Tennis Ace Tennis Ace (0 today)
Like tennis?? You will love this game!
Samurai Warrior Samurai Warrior (0 today)
A tekken style beat 'em up. Awesome

All Time Underdogs

Dr.Dentist Dr.Dentist (0 plays)
Drill the patients teeth, careful not to drill the wrong one!
Bush Vs. Kerry Bush Vs. Kerry (0 plays)
Play as either Bush or Kerry and knock the living daylights out of each other
Mars Patrol Mars Patrol (1,159 plays)
Patrol the red planet and take out those evil aliens.
Outer Space Escape Outer Space Escape (1,163 plays)
Navigate your shuttle safely through the danger of outer space in this great game, Outer Space Escape!
Panda Adventure Panda Adventure (1,164 plays)
Go on your first Panda Adventure with these furry little guys!
Space Explorer Space Explorer (1,165 plays)
Land your ship on one of the platforms and go to the next level!
Red Block Red Block (1,165 plays)
Hold the redblock for as long a possible without getting it hit by a blue one!
Operation Slaps Operation Slaps (1,166 plays)
You have all played this game before, but now you can play it online!
Jurrasic Pinball Jurrasic Pinball (1,166 plays)
Jurassic Pinball is here, plunge the ball and away you go